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nARTistist, hedonist, channel, autodidact, aspiring astronaut, astral traveler, tourist, romantic, magpie, mirror. More than likely having an existential crisis, beware - you may be subjected to some self psychoanalytical streams of consciousness that offer no resolution.
Singer-songwriter, freelance photographer and model with a passion for astrophysics, semiotics, foreign language and international development. Originating from South East London- woolwich, plumstead, thamesmead.
Sun in: 21°21' Leo
Moon in: 2°22' Cancer
AS in: 1°56' Leo
MC in: 8°02' Aries.


mermaids don’t have thigh gaps but they can still lure men to their deaths

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Brother, Lady-baby and me.

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The house has had sod all real food in it for a few days. I never eat crisps and yet I’ve ate two packs in a day, I’ve eaten all kinds of crap and have not been satisfied. I woke up an hour ago really pissed off (I don’t know why, it can be startling when you wake up a certain way or are still not properly awake and are confused) anyway I sat myself on the internet and watched a video about the astrological weather and had a bit of a revelation on why people or why today for instance I have ate more than usual and that food has been utter rubbbiiiiish. It sounds too obvious but I missed it, you keep on eating crap cause your body isn’t getting what it needs and you just stay ‘hungry’ and make shit worse for yourself. I drank a hell load more water to try flush out more nonsense and ate two peppers, a carrot and a cucumber just to cram some good stuff into myself cause the better my body understands the real feeling of health the more sensitive I am to this processed bull. 

On a related note, since exercising more intensely / regularly my immune system is so much better! I never get sick! last night I began to get a really nasty cold, I was gutted cause this whole winter we just left I haven’t been sick once, but I woke up and it was gone! Well done spleen!!! I also managed to eat way too much fruit the other day and was threatened with diarrhoea WHICH I CONQUERED- it did not catch me!!

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what a beautiful pigeon

what a beautiful pigeon

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